February 23, 2023

FYI I am still working from home!

There appears to be a bug where I successfully receive PayPal payments, however my shop’s system claims the order is canceled because of “time out for payment”. As long as I can confirm the payment was successful, I will go ahead and proceed with these orders (and manually change these orders from “canceled” to “processing”, then “completed” once I have shipped out). If this bug concerns you, there is still Stripe as an option for payment as well, which is normal CC processing and should have no issues. πŸ™‚



April 6, 2020

Yes, I am still available to send orders out during this crazy COVID-19 outbreak. πŸ™‚ Until I’m back in my work office where I normally send out orders every business day, there will be some delays as it requires me to make a small drive to the post office (I use the no-touch drop-off box in the drive through). Please stay safe, everyone! I have the fortune of not having to leave home except for essential groceries once every other week since the start of March and the post office trips, and even then I’m using hand sanitizer and keeping my distance, all that good paranoid stuff.


January 29, 2020

USPS has done their annual (semi-annual??) price increase so there has been a 5 cent increase with international stamps.


March 4, 2019

This update comes a bit late, but sadly USPS increased shipping prices across the board earlier this year. I’ve had to increase the price for first-class tracked shipping (available for US only). Stamped untracked shipping remains the same for now, but if USPS increases stamp prices, I’ll have to increase those as well. Boo! Still slowly updating inventory~


Oct 1, 2018

If you are looking for some of the older stickers (the ones that are VERY obviously older as they lack any cel-shading, etc), I will be adding many of them in stock in the coming times as I get them into inventory πŸ™‚


April 19, 2018

Wow I’ve been even slower with the updates than I thought I’d be. Parts of the 2k pan sticker stock are added to the store already, but it will be a long while yet before I am able to update any of the images or add new product pages for newer gen 7 Pokemon, and I don’t even have many ^^; I have not had the funds or time to start seeking out the newer sets, but still hope to do so further down the line. Time will tell!


October 27, 2017

Happy spooky month 8D~~
For everyone’s browsing convenience, I was finally able to add a “Products per page” and some additional sorting options! Now you can look at products at 12-item intervals up to 100 per page.


October 11, 2017

I did mention I have 2k pan stickers to be added to stock, but this will DEFINITELY not be ready before the end of the year. I’d be happy if I can even manage to finish this by mid-2018, as updating images/stock levels actually takes a lot of work ^^; I also have over 12k Retsuden stickers I will be adding to my LJ sales flats listings at the same time, I might prioritize this over the Pan Sticker stock. Really it just depends on how much time I get! Adulting is difficult.~ As always though, sales are always top priority, so go ahead and order with confidence!


September 13, 2017

I’ve set up this updates page to provide an overview of updates to the shop! πŸ˜€

Not much actually new atm, just setting this page up and reminding folks that things are ready to go here! XD

EVENTUALLY I will update the stocks on stickers–currently I have around 2000 that haven’t even been organized yet, let alone added into the stock.


As a friendly reminder, my main Pokemon sales post is here!

I have a lot more flats/stickers other than Pan sticker type on my flats listings.