Grab Lot! 10+ stickers! Pokemon Pan Stickers


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Looking to get a bunch of Pokemon stickers at bulk value? Perhaps as gifts to groups of people, for party giveaways, or other special events? Or looking to get a cheap sample platter to try out how awesome Pokemon pan stickers are? (seriously, they are AWESOME. Pan stickers master race)

Look no further, these convenient grab lots will save you the trouble of searching through the stocks! This order will get you at least 10 stickers to try out for super cheap!

Stickers will be selected from my current stock at my discretion (sorry, no specifications allowed! If you are looking to get a specific sticker, then please order the sticker normally from my listings!).

Note that the default value of this listing will include stickers that are missing nametags or have damaged wax paper backings, however the Pokemon sticker itself will be fully intact and usable! If you require for all the stickers to have intact wax paper backings and nametags (in the case you want to give them away to people as gifts, for example), please select the additional option when adding to cart! HINT: You will definitely get rarer stickers with the default $3.50/$7 value!

Lots of 20 stickers are also available to save you on shipping!

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Weight 9 oz
Dimensions 20 × 15 × 3 cm